Redemption Christian Church of Inverness
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Welcome to Redemption Christian Church of Inverness!

     I’m glad you have decided to visit with us today.  You will find that RCC is comprised of people from many different walks of life … many different backgrounds … even many different denominations.  Yet, we gather together for one simple reason … we want to fulfill Jesus’ prayer “that they may all be one!” As church pastor, I find incredible joy in sharing God’s Word through sermons, lessons and Bible Studies and I try to do that in a variety of ways.  While God’s Word is completely unchanging, the world in which we live changes seemingly by the minute.  Finding ways to communicate that unchanging message can be challenging yet it is so fulfilling when one repents of their sin and accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior.


As for me … I am married to the greatest girl in the world!  She is an incredible school teacher … in my opinion!  I have four wonderful children, three daughters and one son.  My two oldest daughters are married, one to a great young man who is currently serving our country in the Army National Guard … the other to a wonderful young man who is completing his degree in Counseling at Florida Christian College.  Daughter number three is a College Freshman and my son is destined to become President someday! And … we have just been blessed with our first grandchild! God is Good!


     I look forward to meeting you and again … I am glad you have chosen to spend some time with us today and hope you will be compelled to return!

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     Pastor Todd Langdon