Redemption Christian Church of Inverness
Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Strategy

     We have a simple strategy.  We create environments conductive to reaching people in a way that is relevant to our culture.  Our overall environment is very casual; no need to be a certain way or dress a certain way to learn about God.  We do everything with our guests and newcomers in mind.  Ideally, a welcoming and casual environment will lead people to connect with others and form lasting friendships in service to each other.  Our ultimate goal is for everyone to experience God's power through Jesus Christ. 
We Are the Church
     Life consists of first-time experiences, challenges and sometimes sorrow.  Having other Christ-followers around for encouragement and guidance is critical. We know that church is not a physical building or a worship service, Christ's church is a community of believers reaching out to others.
Redemption Christian Church exists to be relevant as we lead our generation to God and connect people to a growing community of Christ-followers.”

Serving the Community
     We strive to show Christ's love by giving of our time, energy and resources to those who need help in our community.
In everything we do, it is with that God-given goal in mind. We want to show people that they matter to God and that he wants an ongoing and growing relationship with each of them.